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General Optometric Clinic

General Optometric Clinic

Here at Brighthouse Eye Care, we are dedicated to providing world class service. We offer exceptional quality and a high level of safety standards. We offer a full range of eye assessments, investigations and treatments.

Our experienced team of Optometrists help in diagnosing and managing all types of refractive errors in in all age groups.

Your initial consultation will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Extensive consultation will help us to establish exactly what your eye health needs are and your consultant will always fully discuss your treatment options with you. If you should require surgery you will be listed for surgery at the head office in Victoria Island where you are able to spend the night at our partner hospital prior to the operation.

We have a functional contact lens clinic were patients are walked through the contact lens care and the wide variety of brands of contacts lenses available. In delivering top notch eye care services, we are very thorough as we make sure to incorporate patient education in our treatment measures, giving reassurance on any diagnosis made.