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About Us

We are a group of eyecare professionals who are passionate about not only eye health but eye care delivery.

Our services include, but are not limited to Vision and Visual Assessment, Computerized Internal and External Eye Examinations, Orthoptics Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, Contact Lens Assessment and Fitting, Low Vision Assessment , Ocular Surgeries and Post OP Assessment, Lasers, Specialized Therapeutic and Diagnostic Tests namely: (CVF, OCT, OCULAR A & B SCANS, PACHYMETRY, TONOMETRY, AUTO KERATO-REFRACTOMETRY, GONIOSCOPY, FUNDUS PHOTOGRAPHY), to mention a few.

We also work with other specialized eye care providers who offer specialized Surgical Interventions for our patients who might require Vitreoretinal Surgeries.

We are a sensible stop for anyone who is serious about his/her eye health.

Dr Ijeoma - Bright House

At BrightHouse Eyecare clinic, we identify the unique peculiarities of each Patient’s Eyes (Oculo-Visual System) and factor them into a customized treatment plan, leaving you satisfied with a
Feel Good Experience‘.

Dr. Ijeoma